Fashion 101: Bra Talk

Get some step-by-step bra shopping tips:

  1. Know your size or get fitted by a professional.
  2. Try on everything. Choose a wide range of styles and colors to see what suits your style and comfort.
  3. Notice where the strap adjusters sit on your back. They may feel fine in the fitting room, but positioning is important to ensure they don’t rub and irritate your skin if you are wearing a backpack or purse.
  4. Test to see if the bra band is too loose by lifting your arms in the air and putting them back down by your sides a couple of times. If the bra rides up across your breasts, the band is too loose.
  5. If you’re shopping for a sports bra, get a little active in your fitting room by jumping up and down a few times to ensure you have good support.
  6. Be sure to put on your shirt or dress over the bra during the fitting to see the finished look. Some of the decorative lace or beading may look pretty when you’re shirtless, but can create a lumpy look when covered by clothes.
  7. Remember to make sure that you are completely comfortable.

Finding the right bra size

According to statistics, 80% of women wear the wrong size bra.

A bra that doesn’t fit can cause back problems, muscle tension and even headaches. Many lingerie and undergarment stores offer professional fittings, or you can find your size yourself with our easy bra size guide.

Don’t forget that your breasts often change sizes. It’s highly recommended that you get re-measured after having a baby, nursing and losing or gaining weight.

Why are bras so pricey?

The price of bras can range from $15-$100 on up. The cost of materials, plus a steady demand allows bra-makers to charge higher prices.

Does wearing a bra prevent sagging?

No, wearing a bra does not prevent sagging. And some studies have found that women who wear bras may have more sagging than women who go bra-less.

Still, bras have many good traits. They offer support you need to prevent injury to your breast tissue, which is especially important when you exercise or play sports. Additionally, a well-fitting bra can help with your posture.